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West, Amy CResponse to death: the powerful influence of assumptions, relationships and ritual on the Balangao Christians in the Philippines2007Anthropology
Inis ingod ta = Our world2007
Lubuagan un ili taku: liblun chi grade I - sibika at kultura2007
Mambyasa taku cha ul-ullit2007
Byey̶at chi byetu2007
Ya manga kasampetanen na Tagakaulo Kalagan2007
Simman cha tumuy̶ung kan sakon?2007
Ha leyastug un chegga2007
Cha kabyayaat ya cha uchum un istorya2007
Mangibyega si uras2007
Ha kachakey̶an un gabi2007
Magsiling kitadun magbasa aw magsulat2007
Cha byalikted2007
Ha kagettokan un bunga2007
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Sa Libelu Mekebulig sa Tegatulù Kepetéél Kebasa2007