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Ha kumuschey̶anta'n tagu mikatlu un gradu2005
Ha kumuschey̶an ta'n tagu mikadwa un grado2005
ABK si Lilubuagen2005
Mambilang taku2005
Magbalawbalaw kitadun: Pig-ubad adti Binisayaʼ, Pilipino, aw Ininglis2005
Ha kumuschey̶an ta'n tagu umun-ula'n gradu2005
Quakenbush, J. StephenPhilippine linguistics from an SIL perspective—trends and prospects2005Language Assessment, Linguistics, Management, General
Hemley, RobinLaurie Reid's importance to the Tasaday controversy2005Anthropology
Hsiu-chuan Liao and Carl R. Galvez Rubino, editorsCurrent issues in Philippine linguistics and anthropology parangal kay Lawrence A. Reid2005Anthropology, Linguistics, Literacy and Education
Maree, Judith Y. M., compilerThe Ibatan: a genealogy of the people of Babuyan Claro Island2005Anthropology
Lum Ngwafu, Evodia; Mfonyam, Becky; Mfonyam, Joseph, translatorsA voice from Mt. Apo: oral and written essays on the culture and world view of the Manobo2005Linguistic Society of the Philippines Special Monograph IssueAnthropology
Storck, Kurt and Margaret Storck, compilersAyta mag-antsi—English dictionary2005Linguistics
Brainard, Sherri and Ena Vander MolenWord order inverse in Obo Manobo2005Linguistics
Newell, Leonard EBridging cultures with a bilingual dictionary2005Anthropology, Linguistics
DuBois, Lauretta J. and Carl D. DuBois, compilersTagabawa texts2005Studies in Philippine Languages and CulturesLinguistics
Dekker, Diane; Young, CatherineBridging the Gap: The Development of Appropriate Educational Strategies for Minority Language Communities in the Philippines2005Current Issues in Language PlanningLiteracy and Education
Summer Institute of Linguistics progress report 2005 - SIL Philippines: over fifty years in Asia2005Communications
Bok mò hol gónón temnù khulungem semfala ne smulat2005
Panun i kapenggamut sa taw a pedtagudu?2005
Su manga wagib a enggulan nu magingay2005